OSR052 Science 2.0 Barcamp and Conference Wrap-Up #s20bar [EN]

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As you certainly have recognized, we have published a couple of short episodes from the Barcamp Science 2.0, the event organized by the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 in connection to their annual Science 2.0 conference. This episode is a short wrap-up together with Guido Scherp, one of the organizers of the Barcamp (you know him from episode 40 already). Guido is providing his impressions from the two events, we share ours and discuss a few things.

Before leaving you to the episode, a short note in our own business: if you have a bit of time, we would appreciate if you could let us know if such short event-related episodes are fine with you. I’ve written down a few musings at the end of this blogpost, your opinion would be highly appreciated (preferrably through comments under the blogpost, but you can also tweet us). Thanks!

Now enjoy this episode!

Matthias Fromm
Konrad Förstner
Guido Scherp

Shownotes: OSR052 Science 2.0 Barcamp and Conference Wrap-Up #s20bar [EN]

Barcamp Science 2.0


30 Participants; — Sci-Hub; — Ignition talk by Felix Schönbrodt; — Reproducibility Crisis; — Slides from Felix; — Short interview with Felix after his talk; — Open Practise Badges; — Pad for the sessions; — Summary blogpost linking to all related publications; — Podcast episodes from Open Science Radio; — Andreas Leimbach; — Session "Teaching Open Science"; — Open Science 101 project; — Mozilla Global Science Sprint; — Group Science 2.0 in Education within the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0; — Session "Incentives for Open Science";.



Barcamp Science 2.0: 20. März 2017; — Science 2.0 Conference. 21./22. März 2017; — Matthias Blogpost; — WikiCite; — Konrad interviewing Lydia and Dario for OSR051;.

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