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OSR194 Der Elefant im Raum und entstaubte News

Nach seeeeeeehr langer Zeit melden wir uns mal wieder im „alten Format“ mit einer Classic-Episode zurück. Ja, die Situation rund um Corona hat uns einiges abverlangt und einiges an Energie gefressen die normalerweise auch in dieses Projekt geht. Und so geht’s in dieser Episode auch um genau diesen Elefanten im Raum. Wir blicken aber auch auf die News, die … nun ja, so richtig keine mehr sind. Wir stellen uns also auch die Frage wie sich solche Entwicklungen auf unseren Podcast, das Format und die „News“ auswirken. Viel Spaß!

OSR192 Marie Farge on her Vision of the Scholarly Publishing System #oscibar [EN]

This episode was recorded at the Barcamp Open Science 2020 in Berlin but is not a summary of a session. Instead you can look forward to a deeper discussion with Marie Farge in which she presents her vision of the scholarly publishing system. In the suggested szenario, journals are owned by their editorial boards and are running on publicly funded infrastructure (classic platinum Open Access) which ensure proper peer-review by the community of a field. She also elaborates the important role of commercial publisher which should run multidisciplinary journals for the popularisation of science and the translation of new findings to a broader public.

Many of the ideas discussed are described in the chapter Marie contributed to the European Commission’s publication Europe’s Future: Open Science, Open Innovation, and Open to the World (edited by Carlos Moedas). A PDF-version of her chapter is publically available.

OSR191 Diamond Open Access #oscibar [EN]

This is another episode from our coverage of the Barcamp Open Science. In this episode Konrad talked with Marie Farge about her session on the publishing model of Diamond Open Access and the Open Access tool Dissemin.

OSR052 Science 2.0 Barcamp and Conference Wrap-Up #s20bar [EN]

As you certainly have recognized, we have published a couple of short episodes from the Barcamp Science 2.0, the event organized by the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 in connection to their annual Science 2.0 conference. This episode is a short wrap-up together with Guido Scherp, one of the organizers of the Barcamp (you know him from episode 40 already). Guido is providing his impressions from the two events, we share ours and discuss a few things.