OSR206 NFDI – National Research Data Infrastructure Germany [EN]

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The National Research Data Infrastructure for Germany – NFDI for short – has been under construction since 2018. Its goal is as simple as it is complex: to systematically open up the valuable data resources of science and research for the entire German science system, to network them, and thus to make them more usable. This would create a sustainable and flexible digital knowledge repository for all research areas, which in turn can be an indispensable prerequisite for new research questions, findings and innovations. In order to gain an insight into the development of the NFDI, its organs and their tasks, but above all to get an overview of the consortia that have been set up in 3 rounds, we have invited the man who probably knows the most about it at the moment: Prof. Dr. York Sure-Vetter, the current director of the NFDI.

And York did not disappoint.

Matthias Fromm
Konrad Förstner
York Sure-Vetter

Shownotes: OSR206 NFDI - National Research Data Infrastructure Germany [EN]

NFDI in 30 Seconds


Current State of NFDI


Selection Process for Consortia; — NFDI consortia; — NFDI Consortia Assembly; — Base4NFDI; — eduGAIN; — Identity Management on a National Level for Authentication in the NFDI infrastructure; — NFDI Governance Structure; — NFDI Members Assembly of the Association; — NFDI Board of Trustees; — NFDI Scientific Senate; (Joint Science Conference (Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz – GWK);)  — Alliance of Science Organisations; — NFDI Sections; — Funding; — German Research Foundation (DFG);.

oneNFDI - Challenges and Opportunities


Base4NFDI; — #oneNFDI;.



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