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OSR030 Open Events in Science – Unseminars in Germany and South Africa [EN]

In the world of scientific events conferences are the classic event format. However, there are many others and currently we can see more modern and more open formats evolve – science slams, hackathons, unconferences or unseminars. We have invited two scientists who have initiated unseminars to their scientific surroundings (both in the field of bioinformatics). Natasha Wood organizes an unseminar series in Cape Town, while Aidan Budd is actively involved in an unseminar series in Heidelberg. As our German listeners will know we had Aidan already as a guest and spoke with him about the HUB (Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics). With this episode we want to widen the horizon, not only by looking to South Africa, but also by doing this episode in English and also touching slightly other topics.