OSR179 Intro Barcamp Open Science 2020 #oscibar [EN]

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As usual in March, the Barcamp Open Science took place in Berlin (this year on the 10th of March) and Open Science Radio was again (for the sixth time) supporting the Barcamp Open Science in documenting the event. As last year we had Bernd Rupp from the Wirkstoffradio Podcast supporting us with recordings and interviews. This short episode will give a you a quick welcome and introduction with Konrad, Guido Scherp and Bernd Rupp.

As you can imagine, the current developments around the COVID-19 outbreak have also affected us, so please excuse the significant delay and posting these recordings!

More episodes to come, so stay tuned! Enjoy!

Episode Info:
Duration 0:03:23
Recorded on 10-03-2020, Published on 30-03-2020


Konrad Förstner
Guido Scherp
Bernd Rupp
Matthias Fromm


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