OSR131 Community Edition: Science Communication Workshop Podcast [EN]

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This is somewhat of an experiment, as this episode is not at all coming from us but was produced by Lindsay Petley-Ragan. Lindsay has been a science communicator for quite some time now and has worked for a number of science (-related) organizations. Over the last winter semester she hosted a science communication workshop for graduate students at Humboldt University in Berlin and one of the assignments for the students was to interview a scientist or make a podcast. So Lindsay got into touch with us late last year and asked whether the outcome might be of interest for us. And since she could push the interviews a bit into the direction of open science, we gladly agreed to publish the result(s) here. So, this is the episode produced by Lindsay with interviews conducted by Kata Katz, Paul Rikeit and Gina Doerpholz. 


Matthias Fromm
Lindsay Petley-Ragan

Shownotes: OSR131 Community Edition: Science Communication Workshop Podcast [EN]



Lindsay Petley-Ragan;.

Short Interview Lindsay


Barcamp Open Science 2017; — ENCODS conference; — STATE Festival; — Humboldt University Berlin;.



Kata Katz; — Paul Rikeit; — Gina Doerpholz; — Dr. Anita Jóri; — Vilém Flusser Archive; — Vilém Flusser; — Dr. Annemarie Lang; — Animatch; — Patricia; — Biology and Neurosciences; — Growth Factor Signaling in the Context of Breast Cancer; — Free University Berlin; — Tobias; — Deutsches Reuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin; — Charité Berlin;.

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