OSR127 The Carpentries and CarpentryCon [EN]

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In the beginning of 2018 the community initiatives Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry merged to form The Carpentries – a broad joint community of instructors, trainers, maintainers and supporters in general sharing a mission to teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers. In the end of May / beginning of June, the first ever CarpentryCon was taking place and was a great success.

Early July we spoke with Tracy Teal (current Executive Director of The Carpentries), as well as with Malvika Sharan and Fotis Psomopoulos (both Co-Chairs for the CarpentryCon) about the Carpentries, the event itself and what it potentially holds for the future.

Unfortunately the connection wasn’t as good as hoped for each guest (or host), but we hope you can still enjoy!

Tracy Teal
Malvika Sharan
Fotis Psomopoulos
Konrad Förstner
Matthias Fromm

Shownotes: OSR127 The Carpentries and CarpentryCon [EN]

Introduction to the Carpentries and our Guests


Open Science Radio episode with Greg Wilson (OSR038); — Software Carpentry; — Data Carpentry; — The Carpentries;.

Inside Carpentry Con


Unconference; — Skill-Up Sessions; — Breakout Sessions; — Birds of the Feathers; — Keynotes at CarpentryCon; — Valerie Aurora; — Anelda van der Walt giving an insight into the developments in Africa; — Anelda van der Walt; — Videos of the keynote lectures will be available soon; — Some reports from the CarpentryCon, or individual sessions already available at the Carpentries’ blog; — “Nerd wanting to help each other” (Ian); — Danielle Quinn’s blogpost on CarpentryCon; — The concept of e.g. OpenCon satellite events;.

The Future of CarpentryCon


CarpentryCon will be continued (probably in a 2-year interval); — CarpentryCon task force; — Library Carpentry;.



CarpentryCon would like to see more people join!.

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