OSR099 Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2018 #oscibar #osc2018 [EN]

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March is here and this year’s Barcamp Open Science as well as the Open Science Conference is only a week away. We’re happy to attend again this year (for the fourth time) and help documenting the events with our recordings. Similar to the last years we’ve invited Guido Scherp to give us a short overview of what we can expect. We’re looking forward to meet a lot of people, exchange ideas and „drag“ some of the events‘ participants in front of our microphones to have them share their insights with us.

Unfortunately we had to use a fallback recording solution, so please excuse the less optimal recording quality!

Matthias Fromm
Konrad Förstner
Guido Scherp

Shownotes: OSR099 Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2018 #oscibar #osc2018 [EN]

Barcamp Open Science


Focus this year will be FAIR, but all aspects of Open Science will be regarded; — Ignition Talk by Lambert Heller about the future of the scholar publishing system; — Lambert Heller; — Blockchain; — Peer-to-peer; — Wikimedia;.



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