OSR063 Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2017 #oscibar #osc2017 [EN]

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Open Science Radio is happy to attend this year’s Barcamp Open Science as well as the Open Science Conference. As in 2016 we’ve been kindly ask to participate and help documenting the events with our recordings. In order to provide you with a bit of background about this two events and this year’s focus, we’ve invited one of the organizers, Guido Scherp, to give us a rundown what we can expect. Especially with the Barcamp probably becoming more international this year, we are absolutely looking forward to meet some interesting people there and we would be glad to meet some of you there too. Registrations are still open, and hopefully this episode can give you some reason to attend too! Enjoy!

Update: in between yesterday’s recording and today’s publishing of this episode, the conference sold out! 

Matthias Fromm
Konrad Förstner
Guido Scherp

Shownotes: OSR063 Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2017 #oscibar #osc2017 [EN]



Open Science Radio will again participate in the Barcamp Open Science and the Open Science Conference; — Barcamp Open Science; — Open Science Conference;.

Renaming the events to Open Science


Open Science Conference Programm 2015; — Open Science Conference Programm 2016; — European Open Science Cloud; — Renaming Science 2.0 into Open Science; — Difference between Science 2.0 and Open Science (from the perspective of Leibniz 2.0 Research Alliance); — Science 2.0;.

Barcamp Open Science


How to teach Open Science will be the focus topic of both events (Barcamp and Conference); — Open Educational Resources in context of Open Science will be one of the main aspects of the Barcamp; — Wikimedia Deutschland; — Christian Heise; — Felix Schönbroth; — Mandy Schiefner-Rohs; — OER Working Group "Open Science in (Higher) Education" within the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0; — Barcamp Open Science 2017 etherpad is already up and already listing some interesting topics; — Registration details on the Barcamp's website; <www.barcamp-open-science.eu> — Hashtag: oscibar;.

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