OSR160 Change Culture, A Research Grant at a Time (Poster Session) #osc2019 [EN]

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This is a short interview episode from the poster session at the Open Science Conference 2019. In this episode Konrad talked to Ivo Grigorov (@OAforClimate) from the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) at the Technical University of Denmark. Igor is a grant officer and presented a talk as well as a poster on the topic of Change Culture, A Research Grant at a Time, focusing in whether Open Science practices should be used in proposal design and application writing for research grants.

Link to the poster (PDF) and presentation (PDF). The poster can also be found on Zenodo.

Episode Info:
Duration 0:05:35
Recorded on 30-11-2012, Published on 26-03-2019


Konrad Förstner
Matthias Fromm


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