OSR139 WikiCite 2018 – Recap with Daniel [EN]

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As in the last 2 years, Konrad visited the WikiCite event again and took the opportunity to do a couple of interviews with participants.

“WikiCite 2018 is a 3-day conference, summit, and hack day dedicated to the vision of creating an open repository of bibliographic data to support the citation and fact-checking needs of Wikimedia projects, and possibly, to serve as an open infrastructure for research, education, and information quality across the web.”

In this interview Konrad is recapping with Daniel Mietchen. Enjoy!

Episode Info:
Duration 0:27:57
Recorded on 29-11-2018, Published on 21-01-2019


Konrad Förstner
Daniel Mietchen
Matthias Fromm


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