OSR086 WikiCite 2017 Interview OpenCitations [EN]

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As last year, Konrad visited the WikiCite 2017 event that seeks out “…to design a central bibliographic repository, as well as tools and strategies to improve information quality and verifiability in Wikimedia projects.” This year he took the opportunity to do a couple of interviews with participants.

This interview is with David Shotton and Silvio Peroni, both running the OpenCitations project that seeks to an create an “…open repository of scholarly citation data made available under a Creative Commons public domain dedication, which provides in RDF accurate citation information (bibliographic references) harvested from the scholarly literature.” Enjoy!

Episode Info:
Duration 0:19:47
Recorded on 24-05-2017, Published on 31-05-2017


avatar David Shotton
avatar Silvio Peroni
avatar Konrad Förstner
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