Alle Artikel mit dem Schlagwort: ZIKA

OSR101 Open Science 101 [EN]

According to dictionaries „101“ refers to introductory lessons or beginners overview or tutorials. Over the course of this podcast we already have taken this approach a couple of time (e.g. on Open Access). But as technology and processes develop, might be useful to do this again from time to time. This time we want to take a brief look at the whole research cycle and try to provide a bit of information about a few general entry points for doing research more openly. This 101 is by far not exhaustive and makes no claim to be complete, but our aim was to show you some starting points from where you could dive deeper into the matter if you like. Have fun!

OSR084 WikiCite 2017 Interview with Daniel Mietchen [EN]

As last year, Konrad visited the WikiCite 2017 event that seeks out „…to design a central bibliographic repository, as well as tools and strategies to improve information quality and verifiability in Wikimedia projects.“ This year he took the opportunity to do a couple of interviews with participants.

This interview is with Daniel Mietchen. Daniel is a biophysicist and open scientist currently working at the University of Virginia as a data scientist. He is also part of the organizing committee anf initiated the Zika corpus project. In this interview he provides us with a bit of background of his work on the Zika corpus project and how it relates to WikiCite. Enjoy!

OSR062 A rising tide lifts all boats [DE]

Wir eröffnen das Jahr ganz klassisch mit einem Blick auf die News der letzten Wochen. Die Neuigkeiten werden leider von einer Reihe wenig positiver Entwicklungen überschattet, aber hey, so ist das nun einmal. Man muss durch die Nacht wandern, wenn man die Morgenröte sehen will (5 EUR für’s Phrasenschwein). Wir haben ein wenig Verzug im Beginn der Aufzeichnung gehabt, sodass wir nach hinten raus ein wenig hasten mussten und einige Themen weggelassen haben – wir bitten das zu entschuldigen. Ansonsten, viel Spaß!