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OSR134 WikiCite 2018 – Enjoy the Community [EN]

As in the last 2 years, Konrad visited the WikiCite event again and took the opportunity to do a couple of interviews with participants.

„WikiCite 2018 is a 3-day conference, summit, and hack day dedicated to the vision of creating an open repository of bibliographic data to support the citation and fact-checking needs of Wikimedia projects, and possibly, to serve as an open infrastructure for research, education, and information quality across the web.“

WikiCite draws a quite a diverse crowd, so this episodes gives a number of voices from the „event floor“. After a short introduction to the idea behind the event you’ll be introduced to quite a number of participants sharing their background and motivation to take part in WikiCite 2018. And if you ever wandered what goes on in a hackathon, you’ll hear about it too as Konrad interviewed some of the participants from the hackathon at day 3. Enjoy!