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OSR114 Software Citation and Recognition #oscibar [EN]

Software is increasingly been recognized as valuable research output but there’s still a perceived lack of consistent processes for software citation. Sophia Dörner hosted a session on exactly this question to collect some community feedback. Here are her impressions and learnings from the session.

OSR073 Free Software in Open Science #oscibar [EN]

The Free Software Foundation Europe recently published a „position paper for the endorsement of Free Software and Open Standards in Horizon 2020 and all publicly-funded research“. At the barcamp a couple of people from the FSFE held a session on this topic. We talked to Olga Gkotsopoulou and asked her to give us a little feedback on her session.

OSR071 Implementing FAIR and software sustainability practices #oscibar [EN]

Stephan Janosch is Research Software Engineer in Biosciences working for the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. He’s also the spokesman for the German working group of Research Software Engineers (RSEs). At the barcamp he held a session on how to implement fair and software sustainability practices in your institute. He gave us a little background on this task, his work and his session.