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OSR203 Open Knowledge Maps Custom Services with Peter Kraker #oscibar [EN]

At the Barcamp Open Science 2021 Konrad had the chance to have a brief session wrap-up with Peter Kraker, who hosted a session together with Michaela Vignolio on Open Knowledge Maps Custom Services to discuss early ideas for the new customisable cloud services that were planned to be embedded in libraries’ discovery services to add instant visual capabilities.

By the way, at the time of publication of this interview, the custom services are available as a feature for members.

AND: Open Knowledge Maps just hit the milestone of 1,000,000 Knowledge Maps! Congrats Peter and the team!

OSR202 Privacy preserving Open Data with Antonella Succurro #oscibar [EN]

At the Barcamp Open Science 2021, Antonella Succurro gave a session on Privacy preserving Open Data highlighting „…how the support from data privacy officers or external trustees is often not sufficient to face the challenges of highly specific data, which might come from new technologies and have yet to be standardized.“ Konrad had the opportunity to talk to her afterwards.