Alle Artikel mit dem Schlagwort: Open Data

OSR204 (Re-)using available research data in the social, educational, behavioral and economic sciences with Thomas Lösch #oscibar [EN]

At the Barcamp Open Science 2021 Konrad had the chance to have a brief wrap-up interview with Thomas Lösch, who hosted a session together with Sonja Bayer on (Re-)using available research data in the social, educational, behavioural and economic sciences. The session was intended to get an overview of what the current state was, how data is data used and what works when it comes to data reusability?

OSR202 Privacy preserving Open Data with Antonella Succurro #oscibar [EN]

At the Barcamp Open Science 2021, Antonella Succurro gave a session on Privacy preserving Open Data highlighting „…how the support from data privacy officers or external trustees is often not sufficient to face the challenges of highly specific data, which might come from new technologies and have yet to be standardized.“ Konrad had the opportunity to talk to her afterwards.

OSR194 Der Elefant im Raum und entstaubte News

Nach seeeeeeehr langer Zeit melden wir uns mal wieder im „alten Format“ mit einer Classic-Episode zurück. Ja, die Situation rund um Corona hat uns einiges abverlangt und einiges an Energie gefressen die normalerweise auch in dieses Projekt geht. Und so geht’s in dieser Episode auch um genau diesen Elefanten im Raum. Wir blicken aber auch auf die News, die … nun ja, so richtig keine mehr sind. Wir stellen uns also auch die Frage wie sich solche Entwicklungen auf unseren Podcast, das Format und die „News“ auswirken. Viel Spaß!

OSR187 Open Data Impact Award #oscibar [EN]

This is another episode from our coverage of the Barcamp Open Science. In this episode Bernd talked to Anne Held from innOSCI (an initiative from Stifterverband) about their plans to launch the Open Data Impact Award, to incentivise scientists to publish their data openly. Link to the session pad.

OSR144 Federated Databases for Sustainability #oscibar [EN]

This is another episode from our coverage of the Barcamp Open Science 2019. In this episode Bernd talks Christian Busse, scientist at the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ). Christian has hosted a session on federated databases which possibly is a more sustainable way of hosting and providing of scientific data.