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OSR160 Change Culture, A Research Grant at a Time (Poster Session) #osc2019 [EN]

This is a short interview episode from the poster session at the Open Science Conference 2019. In this episode Konrad talked to Ivo Grigorov (@OAforClimate) from the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) at the Technical University of Denmark. Igor is a grant officer and presented a talk as well as a poster on the topic of Change Culture, A Research Grant at a Time, focusing in whether Open Science practices should be used in proposal design and application writing for research grants.

OSR098 Academic Publishing Infrastructures with Björn Brembs [EN]

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Academic publishing that is. And actually not only in Denmark. Even though open access publishing has picked up quite a bit over the last years, academic publishing today is still rather dominated by legacy publishers who mainly play their old game without much signs of changing and adapting to current technological and scientific developments. In fact, many of them are not even showing much willingness to consider changing. A lot of the recent studies and arguments point out that a complete transition to open access publishing potentially yields many positive social effects for the academic system and society as a whole, and even might achieved quite substantial savings. We had the great opportunity to talk Björn Brembs about these points, the obstacles, the necessary steps and a vision of how a publishing infrastructure could look like.

We apologize for the less optimal audio quality and hope you’re still enjoying the conversation. Have fun!