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OSR058 PLOScast [EN]

Pretty much everybody with a background in research knows PLOS, either through its mega journal PLOS ONE (most probably the biggest OA journal), or one of its other journals. However, it was kind of surprising to us when we recognized a while ago that there is also a PLOS podcast, the PLOScast. This podcast, being public for a year now, offers more than a dozen episodes so far, each being an interview with some very interesting guests – some of them well-known all over the place, such as Cameron Neylon, Matt Shipman,Geoffrey Bilder and many more. We got the wonderful opportunity to talk to Elizabeth Seiver, the host of the PLOScast (and herself being a meta researcher at PLOS with a psychology background) and Jennifer Laloup, the producer of the show. We talked about how PLOScast came to life and how they have been able to constantly grow it. We also share some of our own history and experience. We can absolutely recommend to give the PLOScast a thorough listen and we hope that there will be many more episodes to come. Hopefully, this episode is as interesting for you, as it was for us. Thanks Elizabeth and Jen! And now, enjoy!

OSR019 Science Open

Wie bereits in Folge 18 angesprochen, ist vor kurzem die Plattform Science Open online gegangen. Da das zum einen natürlich ein spannender Fakt ist und zum anderen die Hälfte des Science Open Teams in Berlin sitzt, habe ich mir kurzer Hand die Headsets geschnappt und bin in den Prenzlauer Berg gefahren um einen der Gründer von Science Open, Alexander Grossmann, zu treffen und mich ausführlich mit ihm über die Unternehmung zu sprechen.