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OSR177 Community Edition: Perspectives on Citizen Science from Ecuador, Africa and Small Island Developing States [EN]

We have the pleasure to present to you another Community Edition of Open Science Radio, this time kindly provided by Claudia Göbel.

So this episode brings together three experiences of doing research in cooperation between people from inside and outside academic institutions in different settings in the global South:

– How can Citizen Science build on traditions of participatory research in Latin America? Soledad Luna has pushed Citizen Science activities for research and conservation in Ecuador.
– What is Africa OSH and how is it related to Europe? Thomas Mboa works on open and participatory research, DIY biology and cognitive justice with the Association for the Promotion of Open Science in Haiti and Africa (APSOHA) and MboaLab.
– What challenges are involved in getting rare data for monitoring climate change? Khalissa Ikhlef looks after the Sandwatch project for beach monitoring in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and coastal countries at UNESCO.

This podcast is the edited recording of the “Story Café” workshop that was held as preconference event to the international conference on Citizen Science in June 2018 in Geneva. The workshop was realized by Claudia Göbel as part of her work for the European Citizen Science Association, which organized the conference, in the context of the EU-funded project “Doing-it-Together science” (2016-2019). We hope these stories can be more than just tokens in a structurally unequal conversation and inspire others to share their experiences, listen closer and critically interrogate the global nature of knowledge production, research policy as well as our very personal role within them.

OSR026 News und OER

Wir haben es tatsächlich hinbekommen wieder etwas regelmäßiger den Termin wahrzunehmen. Aber auch in 2 Wochen sammeln sich einige News an. Und so arbeiten wir uns an einer Reihe von Neuigkeiten zu Open Access, Peer Review und Open Science Tools ab, bevor wir schließlich zum Fokusthema Open Educational Resources kommen. Tatsächlich viel es uns schwer einen sinnvollen Ansatz für die Einführung in das Thema OER zu finden, was uns nur bestätigt, dass wir uns zu diesem Thema noch einmal einen Experten einladen werden.