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OSR170 Don’t Leave It To Google! – Research Infrastructures [EN]

One of the aspects that continuously pops up in our discussions is the research infrastructure. Hence, it was about time that we make it a topic of its own and we’re glad that we could win Peter Kraker as a guest for this topic. Peter is well-known in the Open Science communicator, as a researcher but also as the founder and chairman of Open Knowledge Maps, a web-service that provides a visual interface for the exploration of scientific topics through publications. In addition, he is active in several organizations and initiatives dealing with research infrastructure and research data management, such as GO FAIR. With the launch of Google’s dataset search service last year he started the Don’t leave it to Google! campaign. In this episode we’re talking about the campaign, the overarching concept of research architectures and the Open Knowledge Maps as a specific example.

Have fun!

OSR158 Feelings about and Reflections on Open Science #oscibar [EN]

This is another episode from our coverage of the Barcamp Open Science. In this episode Konrad talked with Peter Kraker (Chairman and founder of the Open Knowledge Maps). This year Peter held a session on a topic that is often overlooked – the feelings of those individuals being involved in the Open Science communities.

OSR056 Kurzer Blick auf die News im Juli

Eigentlich war eine Episode mit Gast geplant, der aber leider verhindert war. Wir haben die Zeit also genutzt um nach längerer Zeit mal wieder in die News zu schauen. Und da nichts älter ist, als die Nachrichten von gestern haben wir uns auf die aktuelleren Neuigkeiten beschränkt (was sich als ganz gut herausstellte, da Probleme mit dem Netz ihr Übriges taten um uns das Leben zu erschweren). Viel Spaß also beim kurzen News-Roundup Mitte Juli!