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OSR101 Open Science 101 [EN]

According to dictionaries “101” refers to introductory lessons or beginners overview or tutorials. Over the course of this podcast we already have taken this approach a couple of time (e.g. on Open Access). But as technology and processes develop, might be useful to do this again from time to time. This time we want to take a brief look at the whole research cycle and try to provide a bit of information about a few general entry points for doing research more openly. This 101 is by far not exhaustive and makes no claim to be complete, but our aim was to show you some starting points from where you could dive deeper into the matter if you like. Have fun!

OSR100 Einhundert! Und wir müssen immer noch senden [DE]

Es hat nur knapp über 5 Jahre gedauert bis wir die 100 vollgemacht haben. Vielen Dank an alle die uns in dieser Zeit unterstützt haben! Aber es gibt noch immer viel Redebedarf. Wir wühlen etwas im Motorraum des Open Science Radio, betreiben Datensatzleserei und blicken zurück. Viel Spaß!

OSR098 Academic Publishing Infrastructures with Björn Brembs [EN]

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Academic publishing that is. And actually not only in Denmark. Even though open access publishing has picked up quite a bit over the last years, academic publishing today is still rather dominated by legacy publishers who mainly play their old game without much signs of changing and adapting to current technological and scientific developments. In fact, many of them are not even showing much willingness to consider changing. A lot of the recent studies and arguments point out that a complete transition to open access publishing potentially yields many positive social effects for the academic system and society as a whole, and even might achieved quite substantial savings. We had the great opportunity to talk Björn Brembs about these points, the obstacles, the necessary steps and a vision of how a publishing infrastructure could look like.

We apologize for the less optimal audio quality and hope you’re still enjoying the conversation. Have fun!

OSR081 Wrap-Up Open Science Barcamp and Conference 2017 #oscibar #osc2017 [EN]

As you have recognized, Open Science Radio was attending this year’s Barcamp Open Science as well as the Open Science Conference. This episode is a wrap-up together with Guido Scherp, one of the organizers (you’ll know him by now). Guido is providing his impressions from the two events, we share ours and discuss a few things in general, as well as a few of the talks in more detail (this year we caught a few quotes).

OSR078 Continuous quality control for research data (Poster Session) #osc2017 [EN]

One of the important issues in an institutional setting nowadays is, to guarantee reproducibility and quality control during the research process and across the entire data lifecycle. The DFG-funded project CONQUAIRE – Continuous Quality Control for Research Data to Ensure Reproducibility focuses exactly on these tasks. At this poster session Vidya Ayer from the Semantic Computing Group at Bielefeld University provides a short introduction to the project and its main aspects.

OSR060 News im November [DE]

Potzblitz, die letzten beiden Episoden liegen noch gar nicht lang zurück, da sind wir wieder da. Nachdem wir die beiden Interviews mit dem Team vom PLOScast und OpenML zum Ende der Open Access Week veröffentlicht haben, dachten wir uns, dass wir mal wieder eine klassische Folge zeitnah hinterherwerfen sollten. Also gibt’s mal wieder einen News-Überblick – klar, dass der nach der Open Access Week recht OA-lastig ausfällt, es geht aber daneben auch um Open Peer Review und einige andere Dinge. Viel Spaß!