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OSR115 The Good and Bad of Doing Science Openly #oscibar [EN]

Ingo Keck (Moringa Publishing) hosted two sessions at the Barcamp, basically looking at the two sides of doing Open Science – what are the “pain points” of doing research openly, and what is the “fun” about it? He was kind enough to share his impressions and learnings from both sessions with us.

OSR114 Software Citation and Recognition #oscibar [EN]

Software is increasingly been recognized as valuable research output but there’s still a perceived lack of consistent processes for software citation. Sophia Dörner hosted a session on exactly this question to collect some community feedback. Here are her impressions and learnings from the session.

OSR110 Opting Out #oscibar [EN]

Daniel Mietchen hosted another session at yesterday’s Open Science Barcamp, specifically looking at potential valid reasons for opting out of sharing scientific work openly. We asked him to share his impressions and insights with us.