OSR191 Diamond Open Access #oscibar [EN]

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This is another episode from our coverage of the Barcamp Open Science. In this episode Konrad talked with Marie Farge about her session on the publishing model of Diamond Open Access, the Open Access tool Dissemin and the transition to a better world of academic publishing.

Link to the session pad.

Episode Info:
Duration 0:11:22
Recorded on 10-03-2020, Published on 06-07-2020


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Kommentare 2

  1. Even though I’m a fan of the OSR-classics, I really liked this episode!
    The mutual endorsing enthusiasm and emotional fire on the topic was very engaging. 🙂
    Also the basic idea was great. While listening, the same term, which Konrad used (“peace offer”), popped up in my mind.
    I wrote down some notes (as I sometimes do when listening OSR-episodes), but I just saw that a new classics episode is out,
    so I abstain from converting them into a more elaborated type of comment here and visit the elephant in the room (OSR194).

  2. Ooops, the comment above was meant for OSR 192!!! (Did not heard 191 so far).
    Just looked for the names (an wondered, why it is now only 11 minutes…)

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