OSR059 OpenML [EN]

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Open Access Week is on and this year’s motto is “Open in Action”. Thus we’ll take the chance to feature a really interesting open science project we’ve recently stumbled upon: OpenML. OpenML sets out (and actually already achieved) to make machine learning available to a broader audience (especially scientists) and build a platform to create, share, evaluate and use machine learning algorithms. We took the chance to talk to Heidi Seibold and Joaquin Vanschoren about the project’s history, current state and future plans! Feel invited to give OpenML a chance, test it, or contribute to it. For now, enjoy this episode!

P.S.: we had to partly switch to a backup recording option, hopefully you don’t mind too much.

Episode Info:
Duration 0:48:23
Recorded on 21-10-2016, Published on 28-10-2016


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avatar Konrad Förstner
avatar Heidi Seibold
avatar Joaquin Vanschoren




Open Access Week; — OpenML;.

Introduction Heidi


Heidi Seibold; — Heidi on Twitter;.

Introduction Joaquin


Joaquin Vanshoren; — Joaquin on Twitter;.

Machine Learning


Machine Learning; — Neural Networks;.

Working with and on OpenML


Contributions; — Github DOI; — Altmetric; — Users statistics; — Comparing and evaluating machine learning algorithms; — International Conference on Machine Learning ICML; — European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases ECMLPKDD;.

OpenML's Future


Linked Open Data; — Integrate OpenML into machine learning tools; — Funding Opportunities;.

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