OSR041 Ignition Talk by Felix Schönbrodt: Putting Open Science into Practice #s20bar [EN]

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Felix Schönbrodt of LMU Munich just gave an ignition talk at the Barcamp Science 2.0 to stimulate some ideas and ground for debate during the rest of the day.

Putting Open Science into practice: Simple but powerful steps for researchers, universities, and journals
Even if I embrace the values of research transparency – where should I begin? How can I move my institution a little towards openness? This short talk highlights some recent developments and practical examples that enable researchers and institutions to put Open Science into practice.

We took the opportunity after his talk to have a little chat.

Episode Info:
Duration 0:13:42
Recorded on 02-05-2016, Published on 02-05-2016


Matthias Fromm
Konrad Förstner
Felix Schönbrodt


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